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Arşiv Mühendislik About Us

To make the architectural plan project drawing and commitment related to the Engineering Archive mission. To do these, to take scientific responsibility, to carry out project management and all kinds of construction and settlement license transactions from relevant official institutions and to serve you with various successful projects in 2016 with the expert and this staff written in the main contract.

Our vision is to blend our experience with the world and say today's strong and reliable structures.

With the awareness that natural resources are very valuable treasures for us, we shape our projects under the concept of environment. We are working for the best in the field of our work, out of order in social responsibility projects, as they are involved in architectural solutions. We have adopted the principle of adding value not only to our own projects but also to the environment with the projects we develop in city centers or locations close to the centers. We believe that it is possible to escape from the city, to live the city by mixing with the crowds, to arrive with your environment, not your own world, to renew and develop without losing its essence, to protect what is good for the better, and to reach the better without compromising.